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Preparation time: 5 minutes

Temps d'impression : 45 minutes

First use manual - page 3

Color change

The appearance of color

You are now ready for our little secret.

It is imperative to have two different colors to achieve the expected result. If you only have one, continue anyway to master all the features.

Step 1

I print with my Magis

First of all, download the new file we have prepared for you.

This file will finalize your last creation. It's a candle cover.

Téléchargez le fichier ici

Warning: this file has been prepared to be printed with Chromatik filament.

Make sure that the file is called dagoma0.g once it is copied to the SD card.

Si vous préférez télécharger le modèle 3D...

Télécharger le stl

Step 2

Start printing

Place the dagoma0.g file on your SD card.

Insert the card into the printer.

Then start printing.

Pssst! Remember the page 1.

Step 3


Your Magis stopped on its own. Don''t worry, we''ve scheduled a break in the file.

Vous allez découvrir la fonction "Éjection du filament."

You don''t have any coarse salt, rice, quinoa, ...? Take advantage of these 45 minutes of printing to go and buy some!

If you have any problems, start with mettre à jour votre firmware.

If this is not resolved, we are at your disposal via le support.

Step 4

Éjection du filament

Pressez trois secondes le bouton en façade.

The filament is ejected from the printer. All you have to do is grab it and pull it out.

Check that the end of the filament is clean. Feel free to break the end of the filament so that the insertion is done properly.

Take your other coil.

If you do not have one, you can use the first coil or the sample provided with your Magis.

Place the filament in the extruder. Push it until it is driven by the machine.

Remember to remove the PLA that runs under the head.

Step 5

Restart the print

Press the button to resume printing.

More than 10 minutes of printing time

Step 6


Take the photophore back, and assemble it with the rest.

I see life in colors!