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Preparation time: 5 minutes

Printing time: 1 hour 30 minutes

First use manual - page 2

Use the Pause function

Give yourself a break

In this new chapter of the Magis ledger, you learn how to use the Pause function. We will show you one of its uses.

Attention! For this one, you will need a pack of coarse salt, rice, quinoa,...

Step 1

I print with my Magis

First of all, download the new file we have prepared for you.

This file will complete your first creation. It is a base for the photophore.

Téléchargez le fichier ici

Warning: this file has been prepared to be printed with Chromatik filament.

Make sure that the file is called dagoma0.g once it is copied to the SD card.

Si vous préférez télécharger le modèle 3D...

Télécharger le stl

Step 2

Start printing

Place the dagoma0.g file on your SD card.

Insert the card into the printer.

Then start printing.

Pssst! Remember the page 1.

Step 3

'How to take a break?

Let the print to run for about 45 minutes.

Then press the button to pause it.

You don''t have any coarse salt, rice, quinoa, ...? Take advantage of these 45 minutes of printing to go and buy some!

Step 4

'But why salt?

The goal is to make your part heavier to make it more stable.

Pour the coarse salt into the holes in the print.

Attention! Use coarse salt and not fine salt. The Magis uses a fan to cool the PLA. Fine salt being too volatile, your office desk might not like it. Make sure that nothing protrudes from the surface of your part before continuing.

Step 5

And now what?

Press the button to resume printing.

There is still half an hour of printing left

Step 6


Take the photophore back, and assemble it with its holder. It can be screwed on like a lid.

I managed to put the first two elements together!