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Preparation time: 5 minutes

Printing time: 2 hours

First use manual - page 1

First print

Your Magis is ready!

It's time for you to make a successful first impression.

In this track, discover all the features of your 3D printer. Upon arrival, become the master of the Magis!

Step 1

I print with my Magis

First of all, download the file we have carefully selected for you.

This is a... photophore.


Warning: this file has been prepared to be printed with Chromatik filament.

Make sure that the file is called dagoma0.g once it is copied to the SD card.

Si vous préférez télécharger le modèle 3D...

Télécharger le stl

Step 2

Prepare the SD card

Move the dagoma0.g file to the SD card.

Make sure that the file is called dagoma0.g once it is copied to the SD card.

For a quality print, your nozzle must be perfectly clean.

Head with PLA

Tête avec PLA

If you print like that, your first layer will be too high. Your impression will not hang on the tray because there is still PLA on the head. Be careful, it can be hot.

Clean head

Tête avec PLA

Great! It is ready to print.

Step 3

Starting print

Insert the SD card into the machine and press the button. If the button is fixedly lit, everything is ok.

The noozle must be clean.

Once launched, it will go through the following steps:

  • Un temps de pré-chauffe
  • Un palpage du plateau
  • Un temps de chauffe
  • Début de l'impression

This part can be printed in about 2 hours

After each printing

Remove everything left on the tray with your spatula.

For excellent adhesion to the tray, clean it regularly with isopropyl wipes.

I made my first print!