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Approximate time: 10 minutes

First use manual - Introduction

First steps

that's it, you've received your Magis.

Together, we will discover your printer and accompany you in an experience: 3D printing with Dagoma.

We have prepared 4 objects for you to print.

For all this initiation, you will need about 75g of PLA Chromatik. A 250g coil will therefore do the job.

In this box you found...

The essentials

With your Magis you will receive apart from the essential elements to launch your first impression.

The filament sample won't be used during this tutorial.

  • A. Bras aimantés
  • B. Alimentation
  • C. Échantillon de fil
  • D. Carte SD

The accessories

Of course, that's not all, here's a little kit to take care of your Magis.

  • E. Adaptateur SD
  • F. Lingettes isopropyliques
  • G. Cable USB
  • H. Spatule


Before starting, remove the 3 orange shims underneath the tray.

It is time for assembly


Depuis juin 2020, les imprimantes 3D Magis sont équipées d'une pièce supplémentaire sur la tête d'impression et sur l’extrudeur pour maintenir davantage le tube blanc PTFE.

Si cet accessoire n'est pas présent sur votre imprimante 3D, nous vous invitons à l'imprimer en le téléchargeant ici.

Pour la suite de la notice, cet accessoire n'est pas présent sur les visuels.

Step 1

Les arms

Place the Neva in front of you, the button facing forward.

Place the head in the center of the printer.

Orient the fan towards the orange part on the rear side of the printer.

Connect the head to the carriages using the magnetic arms.

Step 2

The calibration

Calibrate the machine according to the instructions in the illustration (perform the step each time you move the printer).

This step lasts 5 minutes during which your printer will sense the tray in different places.

Wait until it ends before continuing

Step 3

Chaaarge !

Take your coil and unwind some filament by hand.

Don't use the filament sample provided with the printer.

Before each insertion, cut the filament so that the end is clean.

Place the filament in the extruder. Push it until it is driven by the machine for a few centimetres.

Then wait a few seconds, it gets hot.

It will suck up the rest of the filament by itself.

Make sure that the filament has reached the head.

First settings: CHECK!