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Approximate time: 30 minutes

Instructions for assembling DiscoEasy200 - Page 15 - Use

Let''s make a first impression

Last step before the big adventure. We will show you the best practices and basics of 3D printing on the DiscoEasy200.

Step 1

Choose a file

Nous vous proposons ici un dérouleur de bobine. Il vous sera bien utile lors de chacune de vos impressions.

Download the file below. We will then prepare it on Cura.


Step 2

Preparation of the file on Cura

Open the file on Cura by Dagoma.

We offer you the following printing parameters: 33% fast.

Insert the SD card into the computer and click on "prepare for printing".

Step 3

Inserting the filament

Before each insertion, cut the filament so that the end is clean.

Normally at this stage, the filament should already be in place.

We will still show you the technique.

On a standard extruder, press the arm to unlock it.

Pass the filament by hand, pushing and twisting slightly to make it easier to enter.

Push the filament to the print head.

With the extruder+, it is automatic.

Step 4

Launching a printout

Insert the SD card into the reader.

It must have a GCODE file named "dagoma0.g" to be recognized.

Turn on the machine by turning the switch to 1.

Info: If the switch is set to 1, disconnect and then reconnect the 3D printer, it will be powered on and the operation will be the same. The printing will start.

Explanation of the starting ritual:

  • Prise d'origine des axes
  • Temps de préchauffage
  • Repérage du plateau (si l'option "utilisation du palpeur" est activée)
  • Dernier temps de chauffe
  • L'impression commence

Step 5

Adjusting the first layer

The quality of the first layer depends on your calibration on Dagom''App. This setting may vary between two prints.

We recommend that you recalibrate from time to time when the first layer loses accuracy.

You can use the couplers to adjust the height of the first layer.

En tournant les deux en même temps dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d'une montre, la couche sera plus basse (trop basse sur lavidéo).

Turning the other way, it will be higher (too high on the video).

Look at the end of the video to see the 3 levels of first layer height ratings.

Step 6

Stop the Discoeasy200 properly

During printing, set the switch to 0.

Remove the SD card.

Turn the machine on again to ensure that the head cools properly.

When the front fan stops, you can turn it off without any problems.

Step 7

Assembling the unwinder

Feel free to rotate it a little by hand if you see that the assembly does not rotate well.

Step 8

Assembling the unwinder

Place the coil on your unwinder.

We propose a more advanced model ici.

Your DiscoEasy is ready

Your assembling and initiation are completed.