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Approximate time: 5 minutes

Instructions for assembling DiscoEasy200 - Page 4 - Mounting the lateral fixationss

Assembling the lateral fixations

We will mount the third part of the 3D printer.

The prerequisites

  • 2 pièces de fixations latérales
  • 1 barre courte
  • 8 écrous M3 (il doit en rester 9)
  • 8 vis M3x16 (il doit en rester 10)

Step 1


Remove the part that we shall call the anti-wooble. Scrape your part with the spatula to keep it clean. Repeat the operation on the second part.

Step 2

Installation of the clamping screws

Take 8 nuts and 8 screws (M3x16). Place the nuts in the slots as shown in the video. Put the screws in place without overtightening, just to hold the nuts and prevent the screws from moving. We will tighten them later to hold the bars.

Step 3

Assembling the bar

Push the bar back into the cross seat of the first bracket. Push it in with force. Take the second fixation and repeat the operation. In the end you must get the same as on the video.

Assembling the lateral fixations: CHECK!

Put them aside, they will be useful again later.