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Approximate time: 25 minutes

Instructions for assembling DiscoEasy200 - Page 7 - Assembly of the Z axis

Assembling the Z axis

We will now assemble the Z axis of the 3D printer. It will start to look more and more like the finished product.

The prerequisites

  • 1 axe X assemblé
  • 1 base
  • 4 barres longues
  • 2 anti-woobles (les pièces retirées page 5)
  • 2 ressorts
  • 2 coupleurs
  • 2 moteurs de Z (les plus petits)
  • 2 tiges filetées
  • 2 écrous M8 (il doit en rester 0)
  • 4 vis M3x6 (il doit en rester 4)

Step 1

Installation of Z motors

With the base flat, take a motor, axis upwards, and slide it under the base.

Make it stand out at the level of the side fasteners.

Orient it at an angle, with the connector pointing to the rear side.

Screw it in with two M3x6 screws.

Then take a coupler. Place it on the motor shaft (be careful, both sides have a hole of different diameter, choose the tightest one).

It must be flush with the lateral fixing. Use the spatula to place it on top and tighten the lower screw firmly.

Repeat the operation on the second engine.

Step 2

Assembling the Z-axis bars

Take the 4 long bars.

Mount them in the holes of the side fasteners.

Force the bars in so that they end up at the bottom of each hole.

Tip: A little rubber mallet stroke will help.

Step 3

Installation of the X axis

Take the X axis, orient it so that the X motor is on the left of the machine when the front side is in front of you.

Insérez les barres dans les roulements sans forcer et faites coulisser l'axe jusqu'en bas.

Make a few moves back and forth so that the assembly fits properly.

Then put the springs in their seats as shown in the video.

Step 4

Small audit

Here is what you should have got. Check the direction of the elements carefully.

Step 5

Assembling the threaded rods

Screw the M8 nut onto a rod until it is about 1 inch from the end.

Do the same on the second rod.

Take an anti-wooble. Lift a carriage of X. Place the fork around the rear rod and align the nut with the coupler hole.

Take a threaded rod and place it with the nut side in the recess where the spring is located.

Make sure it is well aligned with the anti-wooble nut.

Dévissez la tige pour faire descendre l'écrou en dessous de la lucarne.

Once underneath, start screwing into the anti-wooble.

Stop screwing when the carriage starts to rise.

Repeat the operation on the second carriage.

Step 6

Tightening the couplers

Lift a carriage to ensure that the threaded rod is properly engaged in the coupler.

Put it back in place and screw it in slightly to give you some space.

Press the coupler to compress it, then tighten the upper screw.

When you release it, you will see the carriage rise slightly.

Repeat the operation on the second coupler.

Assembling the Z axis: CHECK!

Check that the parts are oriented as shown in the picture.