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Approximate time: 25 minutes

Instructions for assembling DiscoEasy200 - Page 10 - Finishing

The latest finishes

We will now put the finishing touches before we start to put it into action.

The prerequisites

  • 1 gaine torsadée
  • 1 tube blanc (PTFE)
  • 2 pièces en plastique (appelées top)
  • 8 patins antidérapants
  • 4 colliers de serrage
  • 2 barres courtes
  • 8 écrous M3 (il doit en rester 1)
  • 8 vis M3x16 (il doit en rester 1)

Step 1

Installation of the clamping screws

Normalement vous êtes rodé. Prenez 8 écrous et 8 vis. Placez les écrous dans les logements comme sur la vidéo. Mettez en place les vis sans trop serrer, juste pour maintenir les écrous et éviter que les vis ne bougent. Nous les serrerons plus tard pour maintenir les barres.

Do the same for the second part.

Step 2

Installation of the bars

Put the two parts flat, in symmetry.

Insert the bars.

Place the whole thing on the printer, with the highest part facing forward.

Press hard so that the parts are well pushed in.

Tighten the top 8 screws and the 4 screws on the sides of the side brackets.

Step 3

Adjusting the tension of the head

Place the head to the left.

Remove the belt from the right side.

Pull the free end effortlessly.

Force to add 2 notches of tension and re-lock the belt.

Cut off the tip to leave 3 cm of slack.

Step 4

Adjusting the tension of the plate

Turn the machine around.

Unlock the folded end of the belt, then unlock it by pushing it to the right.

Pass it between the front side and the tray.

Pull the free end effortlessly.

Force to add 2 notches of tension and re-lock the belt.

Repliez le bout libre dans l'encoche de départ.

Step 5

Installation of the duct

Place the head to the right of the machine (in front view).

Engage the twisted sheath on the beginning of the head cables for a few centimetres.

On the head, replace the cables properly.

Pass the sheath through the shape on the head.

Take a hose clamp, place it in the hole as in the video.

Tighten it and then cut off the excess that protrudes.

Continue twisting the sheath until you reach the opposite upper corner of the printer.

Clip the sheath onto the left carriage.

Retrieve the cables from the motor and the X stop and continue the sheath.

Equalize the length of the cables by pulling them inside the printer.

Continue the sheath until the entry of the lateral fixing (cut off the excess if necessary).

Step 6

Cable management

In this step, we will ensure that the cables are properly maintained. Our solution is not unique but if you don''t feel inspired, follow the video.

It is important that no cables run over the card to avoid being damaged by the tray.

Step 7

Placing the anti-slip pads

There are slots under the machine on the front side, rear side and side attachments, glue one pad to each.

Step 8

PTFE tube installation

This tube will guide the filament from the extruder to the print head.

It is maintained by pneumatic connections. Push it all the way to the bottom at each end. Pass it between the two top bars of the printer to guide it.

Warning: on the print head, it is important that it is well inserted. Look at the video to get an idea of the length. Press the black flange to remove the tube.

Finishing: CHECK!

The assembling is complete. Blow, enjoy, now we''re going to turn it on.