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Approximate time: 20 minutes

Instructions for assembling DiscoEasy200 - Page 6 - Assembly of the base

Assembling the base

We will start assembling the 3D printer. First step the base.

The prerequisites

  • 4 barres longues
  • L'assemblage des fixations latérales
  • L'assemblage de la face avant
  • L'assemblage de la face arrière
  • La grappe de caches côtés (au nombre de 4 tous différents)
  • 4 roulements linéaires

Step 1

Assembling the bars

Take the front side and 4 bars.

Place the front side on its flat part.

Mount the 4 bars in the holes at each corner.

Force the bars in so that they end up at the bottom of each hole.

Tip: A little rubber mallet stroke will help.

Step 2

Assembling the lateral fixations

Insert the side fasteners on the lower links (closest to the Dagoma logo)

Be careful with the orientation of the parts, pay attention to the details on the video.

Step 3

Installation of the bearings

Open the linear bearing bags (still covered with oil).

Carefully place the bearings on the top bars, two on the right and two on the left.

Tip: slight rotations make it easier to slide in the bearing.

Once they are mounted, make a few trips back and forth for them to get used to the bar.

Step 4

Assembling the rear side

Retrieve the mounted rear side.

Place it, extruder upwards, and to the left of the machine.

Position the bars in front of the holes and press them in slightly.

Once in place, firmly press the whole thing in.

Use a mallet if possible to make sure that the parts are properly pushed in.

Step 5

Surprise assessment

If you have followed the videos correctly, you should see 8 small circles on the plastic parts.

The lateral fasteners are on the lower links.

The bearings on the upper bars (2 on the right and 2 on the left).

If this is not the case, take it apart and start again.

Step 6

Locking the base bars

Lay the base flat.

Tighten the 8 screws on the sides of the front and rear faces.

Step 7

Installation of the cover on the left front side

A partir de maintenant, on désignera la face avec le logo comme l'avant et la face avec l'extrudeur comme l'arrière. La gauche sera votre gauche lorsque vous faites face à la machine.

Start by pushing the side fasteners backwards.

Retrieve the cluster of side covers, separate the parts and clean them.

You must have two long and two short pieces. For each pair, one will have a particular geometry and the other will be simple.

Take the long one that has a particular shape (see video). It clips onto the bottom bar. Bring it closer to the front side. Its shape adapts to the shape of the front side.

Step 8

Installation of the cover on the right front side

Retrieve the long single-sided cover.

Clip it onto the bottom bar and bring it closer to the front side.

Be sure to respect the direction of the part.

Step 9

Installation of rear side covers

Bring the side fasteners closer to the front side to tighten the side covers.

Clip in the small side covers. The single goes to the right (extruder side). The other one with the hole goes to the left.

Step 10

Clamping of the side fasteners

Tighten the 4 screws of the side fasteners firmly. These parts will hold the entire Z-axis arch. They must be well in place and well maintained.

Assembling the base: CHECK!

Check that the direction of the parts corresponds to that on the picture.

Gardez la, l'assemblage continue.