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PART 2.2 - Mounting Z axis

20 - Vertical bars installation

Please insert strength 4 vertical bars in the news quoted fixings. Make sure to slide down them.

21 - X carriage installation

Prenez les 3 pièces du chariot de X, à savoir : support moteur X, tête et support roulement X.

Take also the new 360mm rods, and install as the video.

Slide the carriage X in its location on the disco.

22 - anti back-lash screws installation

Tighten the 2 nuts: right and left on trapézïdales rods. Place them at the same height.

Place the 6 screws your trapez rods 3 by nuts.

Mount and hold the X carriage to the nuts and screw a first side slightly.

Screw then the second side more firmly.

Then return to the first side, in order to complete screwing.

23 - cable guide installation

Take the new plastic part: the cable guide.

Remove the ziptie who maintain the cables of the head, and install the cable guide on the head to come Origin Lock cables.

Place a first schoolboy plastic in the slot.

Then place a second colier plastic at the end of the cable in order to properly maintain the sheath.

24 - sheath passage to the printer

Take the cables from the print head, and drag them into the new back left side of the 3D printer.

It is of course of the rearmost hole, the side closest to the attachment used for the power input.

25 - X motor cable

The mini sheath containing the X motor cables need to go to the electronic card you can pass it through the side plastic part.

26 - TOP preparation

Use the two parts of your TOP, and install 2 new and last bars 360mm.

27 - TOP installation

Place all of the vertical bars of your disco, and press the TOP.

Then you can tighten the 4 lateral screws of the TOP.

28 - X slide belt installation

For this step, use the new (long) belt at your disposal.

Follow the video guide for the installation.

Lorsque votre courroie est installée, vous pouvez coupez le surplus. Afin de pouvoir la re-tendre dans le futur, nous vous conseillons de laisser 2-3 cm tout de même !

Pour plus d'info sur le sens, C'est par ici !.

Z axis unmounting done