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PART 2.1 - Base mounting

We now begin the installation step by step.

10 - fasteners mounting

We start by mounting fasteners listed:

Take 8 nuts and 8 screws (M3x16). Place 4 nuts into the housing as in the video (on the 2 parts - 8 total).

Put the screws loosely, just to keep the nuts and prevent screws from moving. We will shake later to keep the bars.

11 - Z motors installation

Use to fix the engines 2 x 2 screws M3x6mm. 2 tighten screw motor.

12 - installation de la barre transversale

Tuck the bar in the transverse housing of the first fixation. Push it hard.

Take the second and repeat. At the end you have to get the same thing on video.

13 - preparing for next step

We will change the black plates holder, the new one has 2 holes which one is oblong (need to be place backward)

Then we will now install the new rear left side cover. The new one got two holes: one for the head cable management, and one for the 12V power supply.

14 - fasteners installation

Slide the new side fixings into the base of the disco, as on the video.

15 - front panel installation

Place your 3D printer on the back.

Position the front panel and press it firmly. the 4 bars (of the base) should be fully into the front panel.

Screw the 4 screws from the front .

16 - front fasteners installation

Grab the sides covers (SD card and pause button) and then re-install them.

17 - set desinstallation

We now remove the 4 Phillips screws of the plate, then remove it.

18 - protection plate setup

Place first of all the new plates connector. Be carefull, the Oblong hole should be toward the back of your disco.

Then place the black faceplate.

First aim the two screws holding plates on the connector. For this use 2 M3-6mm screw (the smaller you have)

Finally re-set the 3 screws on the front and make sure to tighten all the screws.

19 - Y slide belt installation

Slide belt Y into it's place then strain it out correctly.

Pour la mise en place de la courroie de Y, C'est par ici !.

Base unmounting done