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PART 2.3 - Electronics and XL set!

30 - electronics plugs

The first step is to re-positinoner the electronic card. Screw the two retaining screws (M3-6mm)

Then proceed to the wiring. To do this, follow the guide ici.

Finally, you can re-install the transparent protective plate by positioning the 12 anti-slip pads.

31 - anti-slip pads installation

Add 4 other pads on the new plastic parts

32 - XL set preparation

Pick the M3-6mm screws and two nuts. We will install then on 2 ears/waves of the new plate. Please be carefull the up side got got bigger holes - as shown in the video.

Please tighten those 2 screws.

33 - XL set installation

Place the tray with ears/waves back of Disco.

Slightly tighten the 4 countersunk screws 10mm, (the lock nuts have not been removed), then after you have installed and pre-screw the 4 screws you can tighten them all.

It is important to tighten properly at that time, while checking your XL tray slides properly along the Y axis (front / rear).

34 - XL magned pad installation

3 steps in this video:

1- installing the magnet pad: clean and remove dust on the fiber plate and get the magnet in position: for this you can use the 2 screws at the back of the tray as a mechanical stop. Remove the protective film and paste the magnet - it is imporant to NOT create bubbles under the magnet pad.

2- You can now place the XL flexible plate on the magnet. The two screws at the the rear of the XL tray can be used to bring it into position.

3- Paste you XL Buildgrip. Be careful not to create bubbles bellow it.

35 - first try !

Do not forget to put back your PTFE tubes into the nozzle, and you can test your tray: Here is a video demo!

36 - Screen option

You have the add-on n°1: the screen : follow this last step:

You have an extra screw to aim the new offset block of the screen on the side cover.

Monting done