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Approximate time: 10 minutes

Instructions for assembling Magis box - installation of the box

Installation of the protective box

We will now install the printer in the box and complete its assembling.

Fixing the guide rail

Take the wooden base, a large screw and the rail.

Turn the plate over and insert the screw.

Vissez le rail à la main sans efforts.

Align it with the engraving on the base.

Printer installation

Place the printer on the base. Footprints are used to position the feet. The rear of the machine is aligned with the rail.

Take the widest clip and push it into the slot on the base (left seen from behind).

Run the power cable under the machine and connect it.

Clip the cable after the ferrite cylinder.

The cable must not be constrained.

You can install the clip on the right side depending on the length between your connector and the ferrite.

Installation of the filament

Take the last clip and install it in the slot on the right front of the base.

If your coil passes under the machine, install it with a horizontal unwinder.

If your coil does not pass or is installed with a vertical unwinder, pass the filament through the clip before presenting it in the extruder (as in the video).

Installation of the box

Take the box with the cart down.

Slide it down on the rail.

Align the box in the slot of the base.

Access the screw under the base to tighten the rail firmly.

Tip: slide it over the edge of a table to access the screw.

Assembling the stop

Retrieve the magnetic stop.

Place the magnets down.

Vissez-la sur le rail fermement.

Use of the system

Simplicity itself.

Place your hands on the sides.

Lift the box by pulling the strapping up.

Lift up to the stop and it will hold on by itself.

Pull the strapping to lower it down.

NB: To remove the machine from the box, you must remove the stop, remove the box and remove the machine.

Congratulations! The assembling of the box is complete.